Crystal Math

Have you ever seen those annoying Facebook ads where a player is running along a path and has a choice between +1000 and -4 million and they stutter step into the -4 million with grace and dignity then fail at the final boss, and you think to yourself, "This game looks kind of fun, and I could do better than that"?

Then you download the game and it's completely different and the game you want is some minigame 150 levels in. I decided to make the mini game for fun so people can try it. I see many comments on those Facebook ads about how they would play the game if it was like the ad so now here's your chance. Spoiler alert, it gets really boring after about 20 minutes, but at least now you know.

Best of luck adventurers!


Previous Version Downloads

The mobile versions are included in the torrent download. As a side note, Apple makes it notoriously difficult if not impossible to distribute outside of the app store. So, that one is not working, but I still included it in there for reference.

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Score Losers

Schadenfruede - pleasure derived from another persons misfortune.

If you're like me and schadenfreude is an integral part of your life and you have some sports teams you really can't stand, download the app I released called "Score Losers".

The download link is below, you can subscribe for notifications for whenever a team you hate loses. You can even export AI generated images to send to your friends to let them know the good news! That's pretty much the jist of it.

Score Losers Football

The football app supports all NFL teams and Division I, Division II, and Division III collegiate teams. For your convenience, it also comes preconfigured subscribed to the two teams that everyone hates, Georgia and FSU. The football version of the app can be downloaded via the links below:

Score Losers Basketball

The basketball app supports all NBA teams and Division I collegiate teams. The basketball version of the app can be downloaded via the links below:


We love tech

My name is Adam Decker, and I founded this company because I wanted to make games and bring passion back into gaming. I feel that today's big gaming companies are run, not by gamers, but by stockholders and executives that base every decision off of a spreadsheet and/or graph. This isn't 100% true of course, but I find that true passionate companies making beautiful things are a bit harder to come by nowadays.

My goal is to make games that I think are fun, and to make them available to everyone. That is why all games I create (including each version released) will be available via an official torrent magnet download here for free. Games can transport people to a magical place and inspire anyone to do great things. I still remember some of my favorite moments in gaming.

Of course, if you enjoy any of my games and want to help me out I would greatly appreciate any donation you're willing to give. Also, if you'd like to send suggestions or recommendations, I can't promise I'll do it, but the additional motivation helps. You can donate via paypal at this link:

As of right now all of my games will also be available on as well, but only the most recent versions.

I also have some other projects you can check out under "APPS" at the top of the page, these are just personal projects for things I enjoy.