Crystal Math

Have you ever seen those annoying Facebook ads where a player is running along a path and has a choice between +1000 and -4 million and they stutter step into the -4 million with grace and dignity then fail at the final boss, and you think to yourself, "This game looks kind of fun, and I could do better than that"?

Then you download the game and it's completely different and the game you want is some minigame 150 levels in. I decided to make the mini game for fun so people can try it. I see many comments on those Facebook ads about how they would play the game if it was like the ad so now here's your chance. Spoiler alert, it gets really boring after about 20 minutes, but at least now you know.

Best of luck adventurers!


Previous Version Downloads

The mobile versions are included in the torrent download. As a side note, Apple makes it notoriously difficult if not impossible to distribute outside of the app store. So, that one is not working, but I still included it in there for reference.

Version Download